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Trampoline parks play a key role on the sports and recreational map of Europe and America. Although they are associated with huge halls filled to the brim with trampolines these days, their appearance has changed somewhat. Because guests need more than just jumping on a trampoline, investors and park owners are betting on equipment that will convince customers to return regularly. An indispensable solution for providing excellent entertainment for customers is certainly digitalization.

Even the most demanding users will be persuaded by interactive devices that provide unique experiences. If you want to have a competitive edge, don't hesitate to digitize your trampoline park as well as your indoor playground.

Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America

Why is digitalization essential for trampoline parks?

The digital revolution and technological advances have left a big mark on the entertainment industry. Digitalization has become an integral part of trampoline parks and amusement arcades around the world. Interactive devices are becoming the dominant attractions for trampoline parks, thanks to their ability to synchronize with other pieces of equipment. Thus, the question "Are trampoline parks safe for children?" is being replaced by "Which park has the best interactive devices?".

The most popular interactive devices in the GlobalFunSport offer

Valo Climb

is one of the most popular digital attractions. Fully automated, it guarantees versatility in a small space as well. The attraction has a variety of games, difficulty levels and modes to suit guests of all ages. In Valo Climb, climbers can create their own climbing routes, moving into a virtual world with unfamiliar objects. One of the biggest advantages of this attraction is to increase competitive advantage while maximizing revenue. The climbing wall can be used in trampoline parks, playrooms, as well as shopping malls and gyms.

Animated Sandbox

No one expects in trampoline parks an educational and interactive experience where the user can design the topography of the terrain on their own. Creating, exploring and learning terrain using imagination is the best that can be guaranteed for the youngest users. In the interactive sandbox, you can create mountains, bodies of water, plains by attaching animals to them. Animated Sandbox is a bestseller among interactive devices. Use it in your trampoline park.

Ninja Tag

The obstacle course features timers that record time, allowing guests to compete against each other at different levels of difficulty. Running through a sea of ropes, steep downhill runs, and challenging obstacle courses is something real warriors love. Ninja Tag is a destination for adrenaline junkies who prefer competing with friends to cardio workouts. The game involves hitting as many targets as possible in the allotted time. Choose a modern interactive obstacle course for your trampoline park.

Valo Jump

is a trampoline-integrated device that displays a board on a huge screen, where you have to follow the displayed message. Jumping, running away and avoiding obstacles allows you to collect points. The result obtained and the course of the game can be recorded, and then show the world your achievement. The attraction is designed for different age groups. Regardless of your stature and skills, you can become a champion and break the Valo Jump record!

Dynamic Floor

is the perfect physical activity incentive for children. With a free choice of projections, graphics and themes, you can customize the attraction to fit your space. An interactive floor projector and motion sensor makes animations appear and disappear on the floor that respond to foot, hand and gesture movements. Dynamic Floor is the perfect attraction for your trampoline park!

Attraction for trampoline parks

If you are looking for a trampoline park manufacturer GlobalFunSports is at your service. Building and maintaining a trampoline park is a difficult and complex process. If you want to succeed in this difficult yet promising industry, choose the services of Global Fun Sports. Thanks to us you will avoid many lurking pitfalls, becoming the owner of the most prosperous business in the city. We offer a full package of services, starting from consulting and design to production, transportation and installation.

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Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America
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