Digital widgets in a trampoline park

Not every trampoline park will be successful, and there is nothing surprising about this. The decisive factor in the perception of the park is the unique offer and original design. Despite the fact that at first glance all parks appear to be very similar, owners choose to offer something new, something that goes beyond simply jumping on trampolines.

The use of special effects, in the form of original digital attractions, will make the trampoline park more attractive to youngsters and other visitors. What special effects are we talking about? Widgets, of course! Although they are known only from phone screens, nowadays they are able to take the fun to the next level also in trampoline parks. Around the world, we can see some of the most popular digital attractions, which include:

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Interactive climbing wall

This is nothing more than a traditional climbing wall with various projections that allow participants to play adventure games. The interactive climbing wall shows where guests are to place their hands and feet. In the background one can observe beautiful scenery - mountains, seas, forests or other landscapes. Each additional point is an achieved handhold or footrest.

Global Fun Sports offers an interactive climbing wall with original widgets. Upgrade your trampoline park by choosing Valo Climb.

Interactive walls with trampolines

Interactive walls can also be combined with trampolines. This is ideal for testing coordination and jumping precision. By following the directions displayed on the screen, users will improve their reflexes and, most importantly, jump high to the very top. It's worth bearing in mind that interactive trampoline walls can be used by friends wishing to compete with each other.

One example of a game with widgets from the GFS range is Valo Jump. The platform is integrated into the screen and allows you to track your movements with special sensors.

Arenas with lasers

Attractions in which users have to face laser beams also play a very important role. This is a challenge that is compared to the best action movies! The user must overcome a path full of surprises to reach the very end without any damage. The game has several levels of difficulty and can be adjusted to the age of users. The best trampoline parks have it in their offer.

Virtual reality

Also not to be forgotten are the unique widgets found in the Dynamic Floor game. The virtual playground features moving graphics and games that respond to hand, foot and gesture movements. Combining digital and sound effects, users can get a glimpse of mythical creatures, superheroes and the underwater world, guaranteeing the best. 3D animations transport users to a world where fun is paramount. No trampoline park is complete without this attraction.

Controlling the characters

If you are looking for an original game for a trampoline park, you must also consider Sisy Fox. The combination of game and fun using a TV and projector takes the user into a world of fun and enjoyment. The ability to control the ball placed in front of the screens allows you to direct the main character, which is a fox. The beautiful landscape accompanying the game makes it the most frequently selected attraction from our offer.

Choose GFS offerings

If you're looking for ideas on how to entice guests to visit the park again, you need to bet on attractions, which are by far the most important part of the decoration. In the digital age we are facing today, widgets are a must. As a manufacturer of trampoline parks, we rise to the challenge to create an original design for customers that will make the park stand out from the rest. By trusting us, you are assured of success in your city as a park owner.


Global Fun Sports

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America
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