Play vs. safety in playrooms and trampoline parks

It has not been known for a long time that various risks must be taken into account in a children's play environment. The youngest are learning about the world around them, testing all sorts of possibilities and testing their individual skills, which they will rely on in the future.

Unfortunately, due to their limited life experience, children are not always aware of the potential dangers that can meet them almost anywhere. Head injuries, fractures, getting stuck - all can occur during play. It is for this reason that all equipment in a playroom, playground or trampoline park must be protective against such dangers.

But are the play centers loved by the little ones completely safe?

Safety procedures

As in any place designed for use, safety rules and procedures must be followed in trampoline parks or indoor playgrounds. Global Fun Sports offers equipment designed in accordance with the latest safety standards (BSI PAS 5000, ASTM F2970-15), and each development is independently tested before the park is put into service.

Since safety is a key aspect for us, all projects are executed with due diligence using the best quality materials.

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Legal requirements vs. reality

We regret to say that not all children's playrooms are fully safe. Despite the obligation to comply with standards, cheap and imported equipment from afar does not always have "safety" written into its design and production ethics.

GFS is a trusted attraction manufacturer that offers only European, third-party-tested products. All design elements are safe for children and adults of all age ranges.

Dangers in a trampoline park can also arise from the negligence of the person responsible for maintaining the efficiency of the structure, the cleanliness of the facility and regular maintenance. Why?

Torn nets on a tall structure can cause a limb to become wedged or a fall from a height. Protruding or faulty springs can lead to a serious accident. Such situations involve immediate health risks for the child, but also legal consequences for the facility owner.

Play equipment should be designed and maintained to protect children from injury as much as possible.

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How to check if a trampoline park is safe?

It is impossible to avoid accidents, especially when it comes to the youngest. However, the facility is not responsible for falling over and rubbing knees while running around the playroom. Such situations simply happen.

However, there are signs that a trampoline park has taken all necessary precautions to protect guests from unnecessary risks. To be sure, it is worth asking the staff about this issue.

How to verify whether a facility is safe?

  • Safety rules at the facility. Any such facility should, before entering the play area, specify the most important rules that users should follow to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Clean, undamaged, marked with a certificate and the date of the last servicing of the structure, as well as its components, is a signal of attention to safety.
  • Vigilance and staff involvement is also a good sign.
  • Properly landscaped space. The play area should be separate. Tables, chairs, outlets, etc. must be located at an appropriate distance from the entertainment area.

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Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe


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Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

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