Popular trampoline park events

Trampoline park owners want to make their offer more attractive and introduce new solutions. Organizing special events turned out to be a hit. People love to celebrate important moments in their lives in a unique way. Unusual attractions make that day even more extraordinary.

Trampoline parks are places that are loved not only by children but also by adults. Amazing fun combined with physical activity improves mood, because endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones, appear in the body.

Why is it worth organizing events in a trampoline park?

  • Events are a great way to advertise, which will allow you to reach a wider audience with your offer. Event organisers invite their friends, who become potential customers of the park.
  • The larger the event package, the more customers will be inclined to use your services. Diverse event offerings will lure different age groups, starting from kids to families to finally professional climbing groups.
  • This is greater brand recognition allowing you to be competitive in the market. An original offer will set your trampoline park apart from others, so take a cue from the current trends and bet on a party package that will not only take the edge off your customers, but will be the only one in your city.
  • Events are also a great incentive to visit the trampoline park again. It's a good idea to offer discounts to both new and old customers/members during each event. Offering discounts will entice guests to try out the adventurous activity that is trampolining!
  • Group events will allow you to partner with sports clubs or athletes who will regularly visit your park.
  • Each event posted on social media is a chance to attract guests from different cities. Sharing photos from events will encourage reactions and opinions on the event, which will result in reaching even more audience.

Remember that places where something is always happening are more recognizable and more visited!

The most frequently organized events in a trampoline park:


Birthday parties are the most requested celebration at the trampoline park. Children love to spend this important day together with their peers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the owner and the entire staff to ensure safety and great fun for every user who visits your investment. Don't forget that the guests invited to the party may become potential customers of your trampoline park.

Keep in mind that organizing parties in trampoline parks is surprisingly easy, and this is due to the fact that the founder of the party only needs to come to the celebration, the rest is taken care of by the staff. It is up to them to choose an entertainer, who will entertain the children in the form of various activities and games. The birthday offer should also include tasty snacks and drinks.

Park owners should also take care of a special area for caregivers, in which they will look at the fun of the youngest.


Annual special events such as graduation or Halloween are very popular in our country. As the owner of a trampoline park, introduce a promotion and offer many interesting activities for such celebrations.

Be the first to offer customers healthy food packages at a discounted price! Inform prospective users of your intentions on social media, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Also, remember to provide the right atmosphere for each event. Opt for decorations that relate to the occasion. It's the key to a successful party!


The organization of group events in trampoline parks should not bring any problems to any thriving facility. It's worth preparing an offer tailored to each circumstance, for example: when hosting fitness groups, prepare a programme focused on trampolines. Cardio training will engage all muscle parts, it's better than running. Direct a professional climbing group to Climbing Walls, and skateboarders to attractions that float in the air like Ninja Track. Give the customer what they need.

It is very important to encourage customers to be physically active. Schools quite often, arrange for their students to go to the cinema. But convince your students that trampoline parks are a better alternative! Write an article on your website about the importance of movement and how trampolines have a positive effect on their fitness and coordination. Come to school and hand out flyers of your park, we guarantee it won't be wasted time.


Employers organize integration events for their employees almost every year. Time spent together in an amusement park is sure to be remembered for a long time. Thanks to this, employees get to know each other better, and good relations and future cooperation can translate into better results at work.

Such an event should therefore be focused on competition and rivalry. Therefore, as a park owner, bet on the profits that the winning team will get. Offer to create tournaments not only between employees of one company, but also of another corporation. This is a chance to attract a larger audience.


In recent times, the organization of hen and stag parties is very popular. Friends want to give the bride and groom a crazy, unforgettable last evening while still single.

That is why trampoline parks have to move with the times and organize such events. More often than not, they are the perfect introduction to the party!


If you don't want your clients to forget about the time spent in your trampoline park, remind them about you! How to do it? It's simple. Keep them informed about new attractions or special events on social media or via email. Make your customers aware that your park was created for their needs! Hold contests so they can win free tickets. Engage them to interact, let them choose the best trampoline park photo.

If you want to become the owner of a trampoline park and have an impact on your customers' fun, feel free to contact us. Global Fun Sports is a designer, manufacturer and installer of extraordinary attractions for your business.



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