Trampoline Parks Attractions

Trampoline Parks Attractions

Trampoline parks are gaining popularity, and  attract more and more people’s attention! Do not hesitate  and be the first to open a trampoline park in your city or town! Everyone needs a little  fun and trampolines are things for those who live a life of little pleasures. The trampoline park is a perfect place for  the whole family. Thanks to many attractions, we escape from reality, get oblivion and feel great. Adrenaline, physical exercises and nice atmosphere - gives your customers unforgettable impressions for a long time! Attractions for trampoline parks produced by GFS are designed and manufactured with full commitment, therefore they stand out with their innovation and originality.


Safety standards

Global Fun Sports is a manufacturer of trampoline parks and FEC. We only use European materials of the highest quality. Safety is the most important aspect for us, which is why all products are made to meet the high requirements of norms and standards - BSI PAS 5000, ASTM F2970-15, which are always certified by an external company. Trampoline park attractions from GFS guarantee safe and great fun for people of all ages.

Manufacturer of trampoline park attractions

GFS is an international manufacturer of trampoline park attractions that comply with the safety standards of every country. Therefore, no matter where you are located, we will design and create for you park equipment that is modern, designer and original - something that everyone, young and old, will want to use. The more varied a trampoline park is, the greater its success will be.

As a professional manufacturer of attractions for trampoline parks, we will adapt them to the size of the hall and the needs of investors. In addition to the presented range of products, we also carry out individual projects for our clients and supply existing parks with new, unique equipment.

Global Fun Sports attaches great importance to the individual character of the trampoline park. That's why we offer the option to choose designs from our range or completely customize them on request. Top quality indoor attractions, after-sales service and a dedicated team of installers have made us the first choice for many businesses.

What are trampoline park attractions?

  • AirBag is an airbag designed to protect against falls. Thanks to it you can safely perform acrobatics on trampolines or jump from great heights. It is an indispensable piece of equipment in every trampoline park.
  • AirTrack is one of the favourite attractions of acrobatic enthusiasts. It is a gymnastic track which eliminates the risk of injury after a fall. Thanks to its special design, users feel as if they are running on a trampoline. AirTrack can be combined with other attractions.
  • Challenge Track combines different attractions. The fun is to complete the track in the shortest time possible. It is one of the favorite attractions of trampoline park visitors.
  • Climb Wall is known to everyone. It is a classic climbing wall, GSF designs them for people of different age range and of different difficulty level. Additionally, we supplement them with modern sensors or projectors, which make the fun more interesting.
  • Dodgeball Area is a special zone consisting of many separate trampolines where the game of dodgeball takes place.
  • Drop Slide is a slide with a very steep slope, usually ending with an AirBag. It is combined with other attractions, such as Challenge Track.
  • Foam Pits are large sponges that are designed to cushion falls. They are used in many areas of the trampoline park.
  • Free Jump are trampolines with a large jumping area. Zone ideal for organizing various sport activities.
  • Jump Tower - for people with strong nerves. It is a tower intended for jumping or... fall. Finished with AirBag or Foam Pit.
  • Ninja Track is a demanding obstacle course that requires cleverness, balance and muscle strength. It can be a stand-alone attraction or combined with others.
  • Parkour Track, on the other hand, is a combination of Ninja Track obstacle course and trampolines.
  • Performance Trampoline is an area with trampolines designed for advanced users.
  • Rotating Cylinder is an attraction that exercises and tests your balance. The task is to get to the other side of the rotating element.
  • Slack Line is an acrobatic rope for performing acrobatics. It is an attraction on which every trampoline park visitor wants to test their strength.
  • Slam Dunk is an area with an elongated trampoline, at the end of which there is a basketball basket. It is ideal for lovers of this sport.
  • Stunt Area is a place perfect for learning various jumps and flips, acrobatics. These are trampolines ending with a fall into a soft Foam Pit or AirBag.
  • Trapeze Swing, known to all from the circus swing placed over a protective cushion.
  • Tumbling Lane - an elongated trampoline on which so-called fiflaks are performed. These are jumps from hands to feet and from feet to hands.
  • Warped Wall is a high wall that you have to run up and climb to the top. For the ambitious.
  • Wobbly Pins is a path consisting of special cylinders. The fun is to stay on them and go all the way without falling into the Foam Pit.
  • Zip Line is a classic tyrolean. It is a unique and beloved attraction of trampoline parks and playgrounds for people of all ages.


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