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Welcome to the word of trampolines and creative design. Global Fun Sports is a European manufacturer of equipment for trampoline parks, indoor playgrounds and family entertainment centers. Years of expertise help us create projects which may now be admired in various parts of the world. Select the design, manufacturing and installation right from the source.

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We deal with the designing and building of:

  • Trampoline parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Challenge Tracks
  • Ninja Tag
  • Laser Tag
  • Interactive attractions
  • Amusement parks interior decorations
  • Individual client solutions – from scratch to the final look


GLOBAL FUN SPORTS means, above all, quality and professionalism in its field of operation.  We deal not only with building unique trampoline parks complete with attractions, but also light and sound systems. We can also adapt a hall into a trampoline park by spray coating the walls and ceilings and adding some graffiti. We complete projects from their conceptual stage to opening day!

For you, cooperating with our company means comprehensive assistance and support at every stage of your trampoline park production, from the project concept discussions to finalizing construction.

Experience helps us overcome any problems. Our qualified team will assist you until the end of the world and one day longer.

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Trampoline park manufacturer - trust Global Fun Sports

We support your business at every stage of cooperation

We care about safety

A key aspect of GFS's operations is attention to safety at every stage of the order. Our engineers perform all constructions according to strict procedures, rules and safety standards. The installation of individual components in trampoline parks and playrooms is reliably refined and checked. The final result of our work is always certified by an independent TÜV company.

Working with GFS, you gain the confidence that your trampoline park will be unconditionally safe for each user.

  • the constructions are solid, made of the best quality materials
  • we use proven safety features
  • designs are adapted to the safety requirements of each country and certified by an external company

Available for you

The decision to cooperate with Global Fun Sports is a wise choice. We are at your disposal - we advise, support, create. We facilitate contact with foreign contractors - we speak Polish, English, German and French. We guide investors through all stages of project implementation. In the first place we put the expectations, needs and requirements of our clients.

The result of our cooperation will be a unique trampoline park, playroom or entertainment center, reflecting your expectations.

  • we guarantee assistance from the first idea to the final implementation of the project
  • we communicate in Polish, English, German, French
  • we provide support in financing the park

Personalized design

We believe that the visual setting is no less important than the attractions placed in the entertainment center. The first impression matters, so at the request of investors we design personalized prints on the fixtures (with logo, name, company slogan). We take care of the positive image of the company. The uniqueness of the products made by us should not be forgotten either.

Cooperation with GFS means original solutions, taking care of promotion and positive image of your company.

  • we create personalized company overprints on items of equipment
  • we create visuals focused on promoting your brand
  • on request, we design, manufacture and deliver thematic equipment for trampoline parks (e.g. jungle, 80s, fairy tale world, pirates and many more)

We act comprehensively

We deal with the construction of trampoline parks comprehensively. We offer designs for all rooms around the entertainment center. From supplying the available space with attractions, preparing the lighting and sound system, painting the walls, to designing and furnishing the reception area, catering areas, birthday rooms.

You will find everything you need to open a trampoline park in one place - in the unique offer of Global Fun Sports.

  • we design the interiors of all necessary rooms and supply them with selected, stylish furniture
  • we handle the installation of perfectly selected lighting and sound systems
  • we make extraordinary murals and graffiti, which give a unique character to the rooms and attract the attention of park users

Get to know your trampoline park before installation

We present the completed projects of trampoline parks and playrooms to our clients by means of a virtual walk-through. The presented space accurately reflects the appearance of the planned investment.

GFS offers a virtual walkthrough so you can take a detailed look at your trampoline park even before its installation.

  • we offer our clients an accurate insight into the prepared project by means of an innovative virtual walk-through
  • the contractor can make the last modifications and corrections before the park production starts
  • as part of the contract, we can prepare a virtual walk-through of the opening of the entertainment center, ready to be presented on the website

We service, repair, maintain

Every trampoline park requires regular maintenance. In case of any malfunction, failure, trouble with the equipment - we can help. We service trampoline parks, repair the structure, replace worn parts and maintenance. We always put safety first, so we approach the entrusted tasks professionally.

Working with GFS, you can count on quick assistance in case of problems with the equipment.

  • qualified employees with experience will take care of any fault
  • we focus on reliable service taking into account time requirements
  • we service equipment from all manufacturers

Knowledgeable and experienced

In this industry we are not newcomers. We took our first steps designing wooden decorations. Today our realizations can be seen all over the world. Among others in Dubai, France or Turkey. All those interested in completed orders are referred to the Gallery tab.

GFS is an experienced company specializing in the design and installation of trampoline parks. Deciding to cooperate with us, you are sure of professional, reliable and timely work.

  • we operate in the international market, location is not an obstacle for us
  • we constantly gain experience, train and participate in the largest industry events, we speak many languages
  • our realizations can be seen all over the world

Ready for challenges

Global Fun Sports company is formed by a team of ambitious people. We are not afraid of challenges and are eager to implement complex, demanding projects. We are constantly improving our skills, looking for modern solutions, implementing creative ideas. And all this to make your business as effective as possible.

We will do for you even the most complex project, the originality and innovation of which will be the key to success.

  • we design unconventional space both inside and outside the facility
  • we are not afraid of challenges and undertake complex projects
  • we serve with our experience, creativity and ideas, we hint, we support

Interactive equipment

The equipment of a trampoline park and playroom plays a huge role in the success of the entire project. Users of amusement centers count on interesting, unique and modern attractions. That's why we provide the best interactive equipment that is compatible with trampolines.

GFS will provide your investment with modern solutions in the form of interactive attractions that raise the prestige and standard of any facility.

  • we are the leading distributor of interactive attractions, which are very successful all over the world
  • we offer transportation of interactive equipment regardless of location
  • we implement these innovative solutions and guarantee support at every stage of cooperation

Our offer is addressed to new investments and existing trampoline parks.

Company History

The history of Global Fun Sports dates back to 2015. Our production facilities are based in Myślibórz (74-300), Poland. Our projects are, however, executed also abroad! Since the beginning of our operations we have been serving clients from all over the world, including:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Morocco
  • Venezuela
  • Thailand
  • France

2015 – We started our operations from the production of wooden decorations – indoor playgrounds equipment.

2017 – Another stage was the extension of activities for creating all wooden structures for trampoline parks, such as platforms, slides, climbing walls, or towers. Our comprehensive production activities started at that time.

2018 – Our ambitions were reaching far, therefore, we took up comprehensive manufacturing of playgrounds, trampoline parks and family entertainment centers, combining all attractions. Since that time we have been dealing with comprehensive projects performance. Manufacturing trampoline parks responding to all our clients’ needs is our mission.

Important information

  • We design trampoline parks and playgrounds in cooperation with the client
  • We build all over the world – the client’s location is not a problem for us
  • We create 360° visualizations of the finished project
  • Our materials and structures comply with European standards as well as safety rules in force in all countries
  • We provide maintenance services for trampoline parks, outdoor and indoor playgrounds of any manufacturer
  • We assist our clients at every stage of the project

Trampoline Parks Manufacturer? Only Global Fun Sports.

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Global Fun Sports

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America
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