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  • Sports acrobatics is a type of sport that involves challenging gymnastic exercises individually, in pairs, and in groups.
  • This activity requires agility but also mental composure.
  • During the training trampolines or climbing walls are used.

Why is it worth signing up a child for sports acrobatics?

Physical activity influences the proper physical and mental development of a child. Toddlers at preschool age need a lot of exercise, because this is the period in which physical development is the greatest.

Systematic participation in sports by children makes them develop a good habit. There is no doubt that learning to be systematic and spend their free time actively will result in sports accompanying them for the rest of their lives.

New hobby

Playing sports from an early age has many benefits and can pay off in the future. If parents wish to enroll their children in additional classes, it is worth considering acrobatics. During the classes, children can develop all the time under the supervision of professionals. Positive atmosphere, phenomenal figures with good fun make children love to come here.

Acrobatic gymnastics offers many possibilities as it develops skills such as: strength, speed, endurance and power. Such motor skills are needed in other sports as well. Consequently, when children give up this activity for another, they will quickly find themselves in a new sport.

Psychical development - The benefits of acrobatics

  • better condition and endurance,
  • development of motor coordination and balance,
  • improvement of agility, jumping ability,
  • body shaping,
  • elimination of minor posture defects,
  • increasing flexibility and suppleness of the body,
  • strengthening of muscles,
  • improving concentration and self-discipline.

However, systematic practice of this sport can turn into a passion and eventually bring many professional successes. Many winners in the world championships in acrobatic gymnastics began practicing from an early age. This childhood hobby has turned into an amazing career.

Positive influence on psyche

Acrobatics classes give children a lot of fun, but they also shape character. The exercises require discipline and concentration. Difficult stunts require overcoming fears and weaknesses.

The activity releases endorphins, which improve the mood. Children who exercise regularly inflate their progress. Performing increasingly complex figures gives toddlers confidence and builds correct self-esteem.

What is more, classes in trampoline parks usually take place in groups, thanks to which little participants learn to compete and establish relations with their peers.

Acrobatics classes

Trampoline parks often offer a variety of sporting activities. Of course such a place can't lack acrobatic classes divided by age and level of advancement of participants. Children as young as 4-5 years old can be enrolled in workshops for the youngest. Children learn gymnastic figures faster, because it is easier for the young body to adapt rotations, flips and bends of the body. It is important to remember that children must be willing to participate. It is very important that the classes provide children with a lot of fun.


Nevertheless, acrobatic gymnastics will still have a positive effect on the body. During the classes, participants learn basic and advanced acrobatic figures, for example, these are

  • backflips/standing on hands
  • flips
  • star
  • one hand star
  • handless star
  • bridge
  • twine
  • forward twine

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Tricking is a relatively young sport that combines martial arts, gymnastics, and breakdancing. It is a combination of flips, spins, and kicks. There are no formal rules and regulations in this sport. As a result, there is complete freedom. Each type of extreme maneuver is called a trick.

Trampoline parks usually have qualified trainers who supervise each stage of the participant's development. Workshops begin with learning easy and popular tricks, followed by more difficult and advanced ones. Once the basics are mastered, the participant, under the guidance of the instructor, can develop their own unique style.

Consequently, each class provides an amazing experience after which the athlete feels satisfaction. More importantly, performing advanced tricks brings many benefits, including: strengthening muscles and strength, increasing body flexibility, improving fitness and coordination.

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