Imagine having the floor beneath you come to life and turn into a virtual playground filled with games, activities, and more! Experience this with our Dynamic Floor. Using an interactive floor projector and motion sensor, moving graphics and games appear on the ground and react to hand movements, feet movements, and gestures.


Tom Szymanski

Sales Director - North America

Our interactive floor projection system provides many themes and games, including a suite of well-rounded educational themes, sports, dancing games, competitive play games, and much more. The Dynamic Floor encourages physical activity, coordination, and movement, making it a great fit for sports and recreational facilities. It is also ideal for schools as it offers educational themes and teaches students interpersonal and collaboration skills, making this an all-around versatile interactive floor projector for children of all ages.

Dynamic Floor fits seamlessly into any business, including family entertainment centers, schools and educational institutions, sports and recreational facilities, corporations, and much more.

Projection size, graphics, and themes can be customized for any client and venue.

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Global Fun Sports

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Tom Szymanski

Sales Director - North America
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