Kart Track is an excellent idea  for those  who like  cars. Preferred by boys, but more and more females find it quite interesting too. It is always a thrill of emotions! The track has zig-zag routes, road signs systems and even gas stations with dispensers. All cars are electric, and safe. Children find it very competitive and challenging.

Electric cars offer lots of different options. The engine stays the same, but the outlook can be changed. It may be a race car, off-road van or even a bike. Broad choice for everybody.

It may work in an education unit as well.  Teaching materials and equipment  such as road signs, pedestrian crossings or traffic lights make it easy to remember and learn.

The electric cars can be used by children over 4 years of age. If you are younger, you can have a ride with your parent or an adult.

Kart Track:

  • The electric cars are mainly for those who are over 4 years of age,
  • Younger must be accompanied by an adult,
  • Variety of colours and models,
  • Pro equipment avail, (road signs, pedestrian crossings or traffic lights),


Global Fun Sports

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe
  • Address:
  • ul. Spokojna 22,
    74-300 Myślibórz

Tom Szymanski

Sales Director - North America
  • Address:
  • 1585 Ellinwood St.
    Des Plaines, IL 60016
    Suit #200
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