Stunt Area

The area provides great fun for people who like challenges and long jumps into the pool.

The whole zone should be supervised by the park staff at all times.

The zone consists of a Foam Pit or an Air Bag combined with other attractions:

Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America

  • Angled Stunt Trampoline,
  • Flat Stunt Trampoline,
  • Balance Beams – to fight with the opponents on a narrow trap and keep your position,
  • Jump Tower – a high tower to do awesome jumps,
  • Slack Line – a thin and flexible rope used for acrobatics. You can walk on it, which is not as easy as it looks like, or do some acrobatics. Line balancing is not easy but surely brings a lot of fun and satisfaction,
  • Vaulting Boxes – platforms to do higher and longer jumps.


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Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America
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