This is an interactive trampoline game platform that will improve your trampolining skills as never before. You may jump on a real trampoline and exercise during play.

The platform is integrated with a screen and enables movement tracked by special sensors, which recreate and design the movement on an ongoing basis. The platform is furnished with a recording function, so you can share your ValoJump achievements with the world. You can jump, run or avoid obstacles and score points.

Tom Szymanski

Sales Director - North America


This is an engaging experience on digital level, which engages your brain and muscles. You can model your body, improve physical condition and have great fun at the same time. ValoJump is intended and fit for people of all ages, heights or skills. It is also very simple in handling.


Global Fun Sports

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Tom Szymanski

Sales Director - North America
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