CardioWall FreeStyle Duo

Two dynamic panels come together, forming an attraction that draws and… engages users. Allowing competition on an individual or pairs level, the device challenges players with speed, agility, reflexes, and precision.

Customers are thrilled with what CardioWall FreeStyle Duo brings to their amusement parks. As they say, "It's something completely different. Despite its small size, this attraction adds tremendous value to our park." Additionally, many operators noticed how CardioWall FreeStyle Duo changes players' approach: "As soon as we started using it, people immediately wanted to compete with each other and began using the wall in a new, previously unknown way. They love it! What's more, we can also use the WallRider for training new users" - reported one amusement park manager where the CardioWall FreeStyle Duo was installed.

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe


Features that distinguish CardioWall FreeStyle Duo:

  • Interactive panels with light and sound effects: Each panel responds to the player's touch, adding an element of competition and fun.
  • Variety of games: Offers individual or paired competition, tailored to different skill levels.
  • Versatility for all age groups: Provides entertainment for both younger and older users.
  • Excellent promotional tool: The ability to post scores on social media provides a great opportunity to promote the park.
  • Personalization: Graphics customization option allows for a perfect fit into the park's theme.
  • Flexible installation: Works great both in playground settings and above trampolines.

By investing in CardioWall FreeStyle Duo, you are investing in the future of your park, ensuring unforgettable experiences for your guests and attracting new customers.

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Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America
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