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Trampoline park service and maintenance

Indoor trampoline park builders & services

Global Fun Sports offer repair, maintenance and service of trampoline parks. Commitment and full professionalism of our team guarantee 100% smooth operation of all structures.

All equipment is covered by a multi-year warranty and each structure complies with current safety standards in all countries:

  • BSI PAS 5000,
  • ASTM F2970-15,

The installation of trampoline parks and all equipment is carried out by qualified and experienced staff. Safety is one of the most important aspects that we pay special attention to. Therefore, after each trampoline park installation, it is certified by an independent third-party company.

We offer service for trampoline parks from all manufacturers throughout Europe. Welcome to the professional services of Global Fun Sports, a manufacturer and supplier of trampoline parks of the highest quality.

How to take care of your trampoline park equipment?

Here are some tips that will make it much easier to maintain your trampoline park's top quality service and equipment, as well as hygiene. Trampoline parks equipment require daily maintenance. Routine maintenance will ensure that customers are fully comfortable and have a great time in a safe environment. As a result, trampoline park service will be required less often.

Daily inspection should include:

  • Checking any structure that has springs, as they can break. If this happens, replace them with new ones immediately.
  • Visual inspection of the jumping surfaces - any that have cracks or nicks are due for replacement.
  • Careful inspection of zippers and fasteners, as well as all components that provide protection against falls.
  • Making sure there are no lost items in the play area - keys, clips and the like that could pose a hazard.
  • General inspection of all of the attractions and full staff attention to all incidents in the trampoline park.

The daily inspection of all the attractions and other equipment will ensure that the entire space is safe and that the trampoline park is serviced only after the required time specified by the manufacturers.


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