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Global Fun Sports offers a wide variety of interactive games and attractions to enhance any entertainment center. These innovative pieces of equipment are designed to provide great entertainment for people of all ages.

Interactive equipment perfectly fulfills its role in shopping malls, sports facilities, gyms, playrooms, trampoline parks, among others. Each facility equipped with modern interactive attractions gains additional prestige and recognition in the eyes of visitors.

GFS offers a wide range of equipment, among which there are:

Valo Jump

Modern version of jumping on the trampoline, for one or two people.

The interactive platform is integrated with a screen, thanks to which each movement is designed on the fly. Many interesting games and training applications are available. Physical effort combined with entertainment is an excellent form of activity. Valo Jump is an attraction intended for users of all ages.

Valo Jump can be used in any new trampoline park or integrated into an existing park as an addition. Prestige of the object and innovative impulse guaranteed!

Climb Pro

Climb Pro is a modern version of the classic climbing wall. The panel with handles, on which users climb, slides down giving endless climbing possibilities. To make the fun more interesting the Climb Pro also has a variable angle of inclination.

GFS offers Climb Pro walls in several sizes. The motif, colors and lighting is up to your choice. Moreover, it is possible to put your company logo on the device. It is very easy to use, the speed of moving the panel is adjustable, it can work without electricity. It is also possible to connect Climb Pro to a money accepting machine. No harnesses or ropes are required.

The device is used in gyms, sports facilities, playrooms and entertainment centers.

Ninja Tag

A modern interactive arena consisting of many zones. Ninja Tag is a space dedicated to sports facilities, indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks.

It is a multiplayer game where participants overcome obstacles and compete to score as many points as possible in time. The achievement of the goal is not the easiest task - users have to climb, jump, run and avoid all obstacles on the route.

Each player is equipped with an RFID wristband, which collects information about the number of points scored and the time of passing the track. The results of all participants are displayed on a special screen. The feeling of competition, adrenaline and a variety of tracks make Ninja Tag an attraction which is very popular among people of all age categories.

Global Fun Sports offers Ninja Tag tracks of various sizes, with different distribution of individual zones. We also do custom projects. We can help in all aspects, such as choosing the right track size or its location in the arena.


Sisy Fox

Sisy Fox is a stand-alone attraction that can be added to any trampoline park, entertainment center or playroom. The device needs to be connected to a projector or TV set.

The ball placed in front of the screen contains special sensors and with its help you control the character. Sisy Fox makes a great impression on the youngest users thanks to its controllability. Sisy Fox is a game that both children and parents will love! Why?

Because the game involves controlling the fox on the screen using a ball with your own strength. During the game both shoulders, spine and arms are involved. The player's task is to guide the fox through various terrains using the ball in front of the screen.

Thanks to this game, not only the physical abilities of the child are developed, but also cognitive, orientation and logical.


Touchscreen play

In every trampoline park there should be a device that is Touchscreen play. Thanks to it, you can create a play area that will not only improve creative but also cognitive skills. In addition to great fun, the interactive game will provide learning from environmental issues. The ability to steer the main character with your finger, will provide great entertainment for every child! Advanced technology makes the device cope with any type of game.

The game allows two people to cooperate in solving puzzles. This improves interpersonal relationships and forces people to work together.

 Draw Alive

Draw Alive is great fun for kids who love to paint. By selecting specific boards to color, they can see their drawings "come to life" under the interactive scanner after just 3 seconds. With this device, each illustration will be displayed on the big screen, but that's not all! Each masterpiece will float, fly and move on its own.

In addition to the 5 themes offered by GFS, we can customize Draw Alive to your and your brand's needs. We work with each client to make sure the custom theme is tailored to the location. Draw Alive can be combined with other interactive devices like the Digital Ball Wall.


Valo Climb

Valo Climb is an interactive game system for climbing walls. Several difficulty levels and a multitude of game modes ensure that fun never gets boring. You can climb alone as well as in teams of two.

How does it work? After starting the game, the user's hands and feet become controllers. Different elements appear on the wall, depending on the selected mode. You can climb on the set track, avoid moving elements, catch falling elements, overcome the wall like a maze or score points after hitting the target.


Digital Ball Wall

Another interactive platform is Digital Ball Wall. This device was created for interactive play combined with activity and games. Every trampoline park was created with physical activity in mind. Therefore, the basis of this type of facility should be interactive games integrated with great physical activity. Digital Ball Wall is an excellent wall game where users collect points by hitting given objects that are displayed. The 3D sensor that is installed in the device detects objects and movement in front of the wall.

This interactive wall game should be found in schools and playrooms. Combined with pictures made by children, it will turn out to be the best fun in any place.

There are 8 Digital Ball Wall themes in our offer, but we will adapt each project to the needs of the client and its park.


Dynamic Floor

Imagine that the floor above you suddenly comes to life! An interactive projector combined with a motion sensor will make moving graphics and games appear on the floor, responding to movements of feet, hands and gestures. Dynamic Floor includes many themed games such as educational, sports, competitive and dance. Quite important is the coordination of movement, which plays a very important role in passing the levels.

The size of the projection, themes and graphics, can be customized for each location.


AR Head Tracker

AR Head Tracker is a panel that no one will pass by indifferently. Walking up to it, you will see in the reflection on your face, colorful glasses, masks or crazy hats.
This product allows you to take a picture of this virtual reality and share your own experience. AR Head Tracker will provide great fun not only for kids but also for adults.

Animated Sandbox

Animated Sanbox is one of the greatest discoveries among interactive games. By gathering sand, you create mountains, bodies of water while learning the topography of different environments. Animals and objects used in the game will wander to where their natural habitat is. Creating living lands, is a great learning experience for everyone!

Global Fun Sports provides a wide variety of games. Building rivers, mountains, or lava-spitting volcanoes is just the beginning...
We are able to work out any theme directly with our clients.

Using interactive devices, you will encourage your trampoline park clients to act independently and engage in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills. Interactive games are much more interesting than traditional ones due to the richer amount of multimedia materials presented. Playing with an interactive board will perfectly fit into the principles of multilateral education. Acquisition of knowledge and skills through experience and discovery has never been so easy!







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