High-9 is a unique reaction challenge designed specifically for teenagers visiting trampoline parks. Its primary objective is to test a player's jump control and reflexes. It's perfectly suited as a feature placed directly above the trampoline.

Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe


Features of High-9

  • Direct competition: Works best in pairs (the "Duo" version), allowing direct competition between players.
  • Physically demanding: An energetic game primarily designed for teenagers and adults, presenting them with real physical challenges.
  • Customize to fit your interior: Option to choose element colors to match the aesthetic of your park's interior.

One park owner shared his opinion on High-9, saying: "If I were designing my park from scratch, I'd put three High-9s in it. It's the most popular attraction we have."

Introducing High-9 to your trampoline park's offerings guarantees attracting the attention of young people and providing them with unforgettable jumping experiences.

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Aneta Lewandowska

Sales Director - Europe

Joe Gram

Sales Director - North America
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