5 essential elements for a trampoline park

Setting up and running a trampoline park is quite an ambitious business challenge. It requires not only great organizational skills, but also entrepreneurial competence. Only a meticulously created plan will bring huge profits and guarantee your guests great fun. To make it easier for you, we've prepared 5 essential elements that will be helpful not only in your new trampoline park, but also in its modernization. Take your users to the next level by following these tips.

If you have decided that running a trampoline park will be your next life and career challenge - Global Fun Sports is here to help.

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1. Online registration

You are not on the Internet? For 70% of the society your company does not exist. Remember to create a website - well-designed and visually appealing, where users will be able to buy a ticket before entering the trampoline park.  The ability to register online is the domain of thriving parks. Visitors can not only buy a ticket in advance, but also find out about current events. The online registration process should be quick and not take many clicks. A simple interface with secure payments will make the booking mechanism convenient

2. Intelligent solutions

We can see more and more technological development in the entertainment industry. Every trampoline park owner needs to keep up with the progress and implement smarter and smarter solutions for better and smarter control of the park.  One of them is park management software, which will ease the burden on staff and simplify the management process for owners.

  • Self-service kiosks - this is a solution that has played an important role in pandemic times. Park customers can dispense with staff interaction and make purchases on their own. The use of a multilingual, easy-to-use interface will facilitate this task. It's worth ensuring that the time reservation system includes several combinations such as time spent eating and drinking.

If you don't have the possibility to introduce self-service kiosks, make sure that no queues form at the point of sale. How to do it? Invest in a POS system, thanks to which transactions will be processed much faster. Easy screen navigation and intuitive interface are the most important features of this system.

  • Time measurement - A trampoline park cannot do without a time measurement system. Although in many cases this task falls to the staff, it is much easier to use an automatic timing solution.

RFID wristband - completely eliminates the need for staff time keeping. With the help of light signals and vibration it informs about the end of assigned time. Easy to use, increases the attractiveness of the event while improving time management.

CRM system - thanks to the use of information about guests' behavior, it will allow to determine their preferences and needs. The system includes modules that include: creating marketing campaigns and promotions, introducing time offers, discounts and gifts. Moreover, it creates loyalty offers for VIP customers, and communicates with guests by sending text messages, emails, WhatsApp messages or social media.

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3. interactive devices

Smart solutions in the park also include a selection of interactive devices responsible for the success of the trampoline park. Visitors love interactive climbing walls, 3D animations and games that transport the user to virtual reality. Digital attractions can be found in the latest generation of trampoline parks - Have confidence that your business is one of them.

4 Special effects

Top attractions may not always be enough. Visitors to a trampoline park are hungry for an unforgettable experience, which you can guarantee them by using special effects. Inventive lighting, appropriate music and graphics will help you create a trampoline park that stands out from the competition. Create a themed trampoline park and surprise your visitors!

5. Events

If your trampoline park doesn't have a social media funpage yet - be sure to set one up today! Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are a great place to inform about upcoming events. Organize themed events that will attract customers from all over the city. Create fields days, acrobatic competitions, Halloween, and many other events that will make everyone aware of your park's offerings.

Don't forget about your regular customers either. Offer a loyalty program that includes discounts for regular guests.

The tips we have listed above will make your trampoline park a lucrative business idea. However, you should take into consideration that the entertainment industry is very complex. To be able to stay in the market, you should take the help of a trampoline park manufacturer, thanks to which you will avoid the lurking traps.

Trust Global Fun Sports as clients from all over the world have done. I want to hear about your implementation.


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