8 benefits of investing in a trampoline park


Recent years show how important an active leisure time is. The growing awareness of people about the importance of taking care of their health opens up opportunities for many entrepreneurs to invest confidently and effectively.

Trampoline parks are one of the projects that can bring high income, thanks to which business in the entertainment industry will turn into numerous investments on different continents. Increasing the distribution channels of goods and services translates into deeper penetration into the market, thus developing the brand and gaining loyal customers. Thanks to the transfer of "know-how" to other entrepreneurs, you can also gain personnel managing a huge number of your own entities.




It is worth noting that investing is a multi-stage and multi-faceted process. At the core of an ideal project lies a properly chosen strategy, but also consistency in its implementation.

If you are looking for an idea for a business. You want to boldly invest and not worry about tomorrow - GFS is the perfect business partner to help you succeed.

Many studies and analyses confirm - trampoline parks are an excellent business opportunity. Why? You can find the answer in the article below.


1. Popularity of trampoline parks is constantly growing

The industry of trampoline parks develops extremely dynamically, exemplified by the United States. It is estimated that every month 6 trampoline parks open, and now there are as many as 600! Thanks to the fact that trampolines are beneficial to health and their offer is constantly updated, they attract crowds of visitors who want great fun.

2. trampoline parks are a profitable business

The high turnover of parks is no accident. With high quality equipment and a varied program of activities, they are able to double their profits. However, factors such as location, rental fees and staff are worth considering(learn more about how to choose employees for a trampoline park here). Although investment costs are quite high, a wide and varied range of attractions will attract more people, thus increasing revenue. It is estimated that an investment in a trampoline park will pay for itself after 2-5 years.

3. An important segment of the entertainment industry

It cannot be forgotten that trampoline parks are an important part of the entertainment industry, especially in the US. That the best way to deal with stress is jumping on a trampoline, Americans have known for a long time. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that they spend about 5% of their household income on this industry.

It is not only the US market that is currently experiencing the biggest boom in the entertainment industry. On the European continent, people are equally eager to spend money on one-day entertainment.

Although the first American investments are filled exclusively with trampolines, we are now seeing a change in this area, as evidenced by analyses as well as realizations - modern trampoline parks will consist of a mix of attractions. Decreasing the size of trampoline arenas, expanding Ninja Tag and many more interactive games are the answer to increasing customer demand in this area. Innovations are already being introduced successfully in Europe and the USA.

4. Modular construction of attractions

Trampoline parks are so modern and versatile that they can be adapted to suit current trends. The modular design of the attraction means that it can be modified and also replaced with new elements. If you notice that one of the structures is not fully utilized by your customers, it is worth upgrading it or simply replacing it with a new attraction.

Even the smallest adjustments can make the trampoline park always meet the interest of visitors.

5. Continuous technological development

Trampoline park equipment is constantly developing. In addition to safe attractions, manufacturers also offer original design, attracting the eyes of every visitor. Modern graphics, light play and music guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Innovation translates into greater safety for visitors. Reinforced safety nets and bouncing surfaces, as well as stabilized structure frames ensure trouble-free operation of the trampoline park for many years.

6. Adaptability of the space to the environment

A trampoline park does not need to be built from scratch. A huge, even for a long time unused hall can become a perfect idea for opening an indoor trampoline park. Creating a design that will fit into the given environment will offer its own kind of entertainment, becoming a trademark of your brand. Also, don't forget to prepare the right strategy to make your investment stand out from the competition.

7. Offer fun for the whole family

The diverse offer of the trampoline park will attract not only the youngest but the whole family! There is no better way to spend free time together than to be active on trampolines and various attractions. Even if the adults don't want to go on the trampolines, they can always accompany their children watching their joyful fun. So it's worth taking care of those waiting by launching a culinary and Wi-Fi offer in the trampoline park.

8. Many health benefits

The motto of many young people these days is healthy lifestyle. Even jumping on trampolines for several minutes can give more positive effects than running. So, from this perspective, you should admit that investing in a trampoline park will be a sensational decision.

Global Fun Sports - The ideal business partner

All the above-mentioned arguments are the most important points that prove how important trampoline parks are as a segment on international markets. If they are equipped with modern attractions, interesting games and interactive programs, they will bring profits to every entrepreneur. By trusting Global Fun Sport - one of the largest manufacturers of trampoline parks you can be sure that your trampoline park will turn out to be the best idea for business! We provide comprehensive production of all attractions for trampoline parks, playrooms and FEC. Cooperation with our company means original projects taking care of promotion and image of your company. Remember that we will be with you at every stage of cooperation.


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