Health benefits of jumping on trampolines

Exercise, jump and float high off the ground

Jumping on trampolines is probably the best type of exercise ever invented by man. Used for fitness for decades, they are not only tools for kids, but great entertainment for adults. The simple rhythmic jumping up and down caused by gravity, engages every muscle and stimulates every cell, producing amazing healing effects.

Jumping trains different parts of deep and superficial muscles in a safe way without stressing the joints. If you think that jumping on a trampoline only involves legs, you definitely need to read our article to the end. Aside from being great fun, they also provide a nice full body workout.

How does jumping on trampolines work?

Compared to other exercises, jumping on a trampoline has unique health benefits. During each bounce, our body is affected by gravity, which has a positive effect on our bones, muscles and cells. Jumping on trampolines involves all 640 muscles, which alternate between tension and relaxation, putting the entire muscular system to constant work.

Nowadays, anyone can do the exercises at home by purchasing workout programs, but each exercise targets a specific part of the body. Jumping on trampolines engages the entire body. Simple bounces provide tremendous benefits and the higher the jump, the more gravitational force exerted on the jumper to bring them back to the mat.

Key health benefits of trampoline jumping

1. Healthy bones

Bones are unfortunately fragile parts of the body that, like muscles, can weaken. Lack of regular exercise can bring many conditions that are difficult to treat such as osteoporosis. Jumping on a trampoline forces your entire body to experience the effects of gravity, which means your bones must become stronger to withstand this. Many studies show that people who regularly jump on trampolines have higher bone density mainly in the spine and hip bones. Regular bouncing on a trampoline helps increase and maintain bone mass. Trampoline jumping targeting healthy bones helps especially women.

2. Detoxification of the body

Jumping on trampolines removes toxins from the body that we are exposed to through air pollution. Too much toxic substances in the body leads to frequent infections and serious metabolic conditions. Cleansing the lymphatic system will keep your body running smoothly. Detoxification also has a great impact on improving the immune system. Jumping on a trampoline helps protect immunity by enriching the system with nutrients. A strong immune system prevents disease and fends off infection.

3. Increased stamina and strength

All parts of the body are involved in jumping on trampolines. Because the body is constantly in motion, endurance and flexibility are increased. The more we try to exercise, the more the flexibility of our body improves. 

4. Improve digestion

Rhythmic jumping up and down has a positive effect on relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract. Better digestion also means a healthier gut. Faster absorption of nutrients improves intestinal peristalsis. Diseases of the digestive system are affecting more and more people. One way that will solve this problem is with a trampoline exercise routine. This is a simple way to get the best of your body. Faster digestion of matter in turn has an impact on weight loss. The metabolic rate remains elevated for up to 24 hours after getting off the trampoline. 

5. Posture

Proper trampoline exercises are able to improve your posture. Sedentary work has a negative impact on our spine. Jumping on a trampoline under the watchful eye of trainers will make you achieve proper posture. Keeping the figure in a straight line while jumping with a slight bending of the knees is one of the exercises that people with spinal defects do. Jumping on a trampoline also improves balance and coordination. Regular bouncing on the trampoline makes the body react faster to stimuli like falling. 

6. Strengthening every cell in the body

The cells in our body play a crucial role for the entire body. Jumping on a trampoline causes movement in our body, which causes cells to move up down. The forces of gravity push against each individual cell, making them even stronger, which is crucial to our health. If we do not take care of our cells, they will undoubtedly initiate many serious diseases.

7. Mental health

By jumping on a trampoline, we can afford to rest our mind. Improving mental health and well-being is the biggest benefit of these devices. If you want to know more about the impact of physical activity on trampolines please visit our blog post.


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