How does physical activity affect mood?

While watching marathons or football games, you've probably begun to wonder why athletes still have the energy to rejoice after victory after covering deadly distances. More than once you've probably heard stories of friends who, after their morning workout at the gym, have energy for the entire day.
If you want to know why this happens, read our article to the end!

What you will learn in this article

  1. Does sport make you feel better?
  2. Is activity a way to combat stress?
  3. Endorphins - how do they work?
  4. Effect of trampolines on health

Sport is health

Intense training activates hormones such as endorphins, which are responsible for the human psyche and mood. Physical activity improves many processes in our body. It perfectly influences the work of the series, lungs and strengthens muscles. Moreover, it oxygenates various tissues and organs.

Numerous studies by scientists from all over the world have shown that practicing sports has a positive effect on the psyche and, consequently, on our mood. Physical exertion is an excellent way to cope with stress and insomnia. It also has a positive effect on mental health.

All about endorphins

The culprit behind all the fuss are endorphins produced in the pituitary gland in response to stress and pain. They are also called natural morphine or natural painkillers. The main difference between the two, however, is that endorphins, unlike drugs, are produced inside the body rather than supplied from the outside.

It only takes a few minutes of intense training to feel a boost of endorphins! The level of hormones produced, released during exercise, is felt much longer than after eating chocolate. No matter what form of physical activity you choose - good mood is guaranteed.

Say NO to stress

It has long been known that intense exercise is great for combating stress. By creating performance in sports, we break our own barriers and grow in mental strength. Physical effort is indispensable for the proper functioning of the body and avoids many health problems.

Reducing the level of cortisol - the stress hormone is possible through physical activity and the release of endorphins! Regular participation in sport will increase resistance to stress in the future.

Relieve tension in the Trampoline Park

Jumping on trampolines has a great effect not only on the body, but also on the mind. Endorphins secreted while jumping give you extra strength and energy in pursuit of your goal. If your goal is weight reduction, be sure to choose trampoline activities that will benefit your health.

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