How to attract customers in a trampoline park?

Some tips

Convince more people to visit the fun centre!

Trampoline parks are places that bring together visitors from all over the city, as well as visitors from out of town. Only a thriving park can ensure a satisfactory turnover. Check out some tips that will help you gain many satisfied customers.

Give emotions

One of the most important things to consider in this type of facility is to create excitement. A good first impression that comes with visiting a trampoline park. It is this that will determine whether customers will like it, and whether they will want to return.

So think about colours and motifs that will encourage them to continue playing, creating a friendly atmosphere. A cheerful and colourful trampoline park is something that visitors expect. Very often parents choose to spend their free time in places their children love. Therefore, the park design should include elements that catch the attention of the youngest.

In our offer you will find high-quality equipment, for which you can choose motifs yourself, as well as realise individual ideas. Our qualified staff will give you professional help in all matters.

Brand promotion

Promoting your business should start even before you open it.

  • A properly made and optimized website will introduce the company and encourage users to visit the park. Potential customers will be able to get all the most important information there. You should also trust social media, which are very powerful nowadays. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the portals that will be used to create and publicize the events that will take place in the park. The internet is the perfect place to promote the venture and generate interest in the new facility in the city.
  • Organizing the grand opening of a trampoline park. With help comes the aforementioned social media to advertise the event. One of the best ways to attract customers on the first day are promotions. Reduce the price of entry, gifts, freebies, refreshments, entertainers for children. Such actions will convince potential customers to come, but there are more benefits associated with it. A successful opening of a trampoline park will make people eager to return to it, and also recommend it to others.

Organization of events

The trampoline park is a perfect place to create special events. Child's Day, birthdays, end of the school year, Halloween are days eagerly celebrated and loved by children. These types of events are attended by children, classmates and their parents. Therefore, this is one of the great ways to promote and get more regulars.

Amusement parks are also perfect as a place to organize hen and stag parties, as well as family meetings. We also recommend creating events in cooperation with sports clubs, in order to attract a new target group - sportsmen.


There are many massive structures in amusement parks that should be well protected. Many people opt out of playing in the park because of the risks posed by the various structures. Therefore, bet on safety and take care of the maintenance of the various attractions. Attached to the instructions, safety approvals will encourage and reassure customers. Trampoline park manufacturer Global Fun Sports uses materials and structures that comply with European standards and meet the safety standards of all countries.

Area for guardians

It will not be a surprise if we are tempted to say that children are the largest group of visitors in a trampoline park. Therefore, it's worth creating a space for their parents/guardians, where they can watch their children play, but also eat something tasty or drink coffee. It is worth remembering that such a place cannot do without a Wi-Fi network.

Qualified trampoline park staff

A trampoline park always has to take care of its image. It's not only the attractions that play an important role, but also the staff that takes care of the customers right from the threshold. Only trained staff that welcomes guests with a smile will create an excellent atmosphere in every entertainment center.

Always on trend

Over the years, certain concepts change. Technological developments bring about newer attractions that serve to expand the park. By making even small changes, you can renew and improve the trampoline park. Constantly developing entertainment centers gain a lot in the eyes of their users.

Keeping up with the times and fitting in with current trends builds brand trust. For this reason, it's a good idea to install an online ticketing system in the park. This way, park guests will be tempted to buy tickets in advance. This is a great advantage, thanks to which visitors will not have to wait in line.

Organize competitions

Competitions attract clients like a magnet! Free entry in exchange for using your services is one of the interesting possibilities to encourage your guests. Be creative and don't be afraid to experiment with possible forms of contests. Choose the most interesting idea, let your clients win and gain trust of a growing number of visitors.

Loyalty Cards

It will also be an interesting idea to create a Loyalty Cards. In exchange for a given number of stamps received at each admission, offer additional time in the trampoline park at no extra charge. Remember that it's you who decides what benefits your guests will receive. Thanks to that you will gain many visitors, who will willingly and often come to the trampoline park to collect stamps and then have benefits from them.

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