How to choose employees for a trampoline park

As a manufacturer of trampoline park equipment, we have to constantly observe and analyze the entertainment and attractions industry. For many years now, we have seen a continuing trend to invest in trampoline park projects. The development of this branch is related to the increasing need for places that bring together people of all ages, providing them with great fun. Joining the ranks of entrepreneurs who own their own trampoline park will bring many difficulties during the operation, but by trusting manufacturers like Global Fun Sports, you will face all the challenges.

How important is the right staff?

In our previous articles, we gave you tips to help your trampoline park attract even more visitors. They included issues related to brand promotion, event organization and the most interesting attractions. We didn't forget about the trampoline park service, and we decided to devote some more time to it due to the fact that many investors completely forget about it.

The image of the company is influenced by the image of its employees. Nothing builds a brand like a good team!

What are the requirements of employees in a trampoline park?

Every successful trampoline park has well-trained employees who are the backbone of the entire company. In addition to providing them with decent salaries, you should listen to their voice because they are the ones who spend the most time in your company.

No one knows your customers' needs as well as your staff, who meet them every day and observe which attractions are the most and least popular, which groups visit your trampoline park or what age your guests are.

Staff salaries should be in line with the local economic level. Depending on many factors, each trampoline park thrives at a different level. If you employ staff who generate more profit and are highly efficient, the pay should be higher.

What employees are needed at an indoor playground?

The trampoline park staff needs to be diverse. It includes:

  • receptionist
  • cashier
  • animator
  • trainer/ instructor
  • marketing coordinator
  • manager
  • hall manager


Trampoline park attractions

Employer requirements

Every employer has certain requirements for employees. Expectations may differ in each country and even city. One investment in its team needs an animator while another needs a manager. However, no matter what role the person is supposed to play, he or she must have exhaustive knowledge of trampolines. Going through rigorous training and then passing an exam allows you to work in an indoor playground.

Comprehensive training does not mean dry knowledge of how a trampoline park works. Learning through hands-on exercises, presentations, and group discussions is the key that opens the door to success. Moreover, caretakers of individual rooms should know the basic principles of CPR - cardiopulmonary resuscitation, successfully complete the course and obtain a certificate. Knowledge of safety rules is a prerequisite for working in a trampoline park.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, all staff members must demonstrate full mental health. The employer should motivate them in such a way that they come to work and during their work they smile at customers, providing a pleasant atmosphere.

Building bonds between employees

It hasn't been known for a long time that the ability to build positive employer-employee relationships will help a company grow. Research from the Gallup Institute is clear. People who make friends at work are 7 times more engaged in performing their duties. Good relationships between employees make us more creative and inventive. It is very important for employees to feel that they are important and a lot depends on them. One way to build bonds between employees is to organize company parties. Why not create such an event in a trampoline park? Apart from spending time in a nice atmosphere, you can see for yourself how your own park's business works.


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