How to design a Ninja Tag?

The appearance of today's trampoline parks has evolved significantly. They are successfully competing with the family entertainment center industry due to the addition of exciting and unique attractions. In addition to open jumping courts, users are looking for new experiences, more adrenaline and, most importantly, the opportunity to test their physical skills. 

If you're looking for a way to attract customers to your own trampoline park, choose one of the storming attractions from Global Fun Sports' Ninja Tag range.

Tom Szymanski

Sales Director - North America

Ninja Tag is a multi-level obstacle course that brings together iconic attractions that appeal to a diverse group of guests. Designing a two-story structure means not only greater design possibilities but also optimal use of space. We have prepared a sample Ninja Tag design for you, which combines all the essentials in an area of 380 m².

Ninja Tag sample project

Ninja Tag


Warped Wall

This is a rounded wall on which, in order to run up, as high as possible, maximum upper body strength must be used. The effort put into running to the top is a great satisfaction for the user. The structure can be combined with other attractions such as the Air Bag or Foam Pit.

To complete the track, the user must accelerate, jump up, grab the top ledge, and then pull up to be at the very top!

Cargo Net Climber

Two-story structures require safety features that will ensure safe fun for years to come. One of our suggestions is Cargo Net Climber - a sturdy net that, in addition to protection, will guarantee excellent climbing on the higher parts of the system.

Worm Crawl

This is a tunnel that is loved by children as well as adults. Crawling through the mysterious tube will stimulate imagination because, after all, you don't know what is at the end of the structure. Thanks to the fact that Worm Crawl has a modular design, it has the ability to create any tunnel you want.

It is worth noting that the tunnel can serve not only as a combination of several attractions, but also as a descent from the high parts of the structure.

Jaw Bridge

Users who choose Jaw Bridge must expect to overcome a bottom and top obstacle. Undoubtedly, it is a very challenging attraction due to the alternation of inclines with high transitions.

Challenge Tower

Challenge Tower is an obstacle course in an indoor Ninja Tag design. It was created with two floors and 4 chambers. Each of them has restrictions in the form of bridges, the overcoming of which requires cleverness and dexterity to get to the floor above. The Challenge Tower is perfect for lovers of testing their own motor fitness.

Maze Run

Ninja Tag couldn't do without mazes, the passage of which involves collecting as many points as possible in the shortest time. Maze Run is a kind of smaller Ninja Tag track. It consists of attractions that require the user to climb and climb up the levels of the game. This element requires the use of upper and lower body strength.

Zig-Zag Challenge + Ball Challenge

The Zig-Zag Challenge is an iconic element of Ninja Tag. Climbing an inclined track with numerous obstacles may require knee pads. All the effort you put into climbing is compensated by jumping into the Ball Challenge - colorless balls that help you get out of the structure. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the exit and entrance of the attraction is one :)

Balance Beam Track

Crossing narrow footbridges, has never been more difficult. Ninja Tag guests love to test their coordination and practice their balance. If you slip, you risk falling into the ball pools, which are lined to the brim. Safety features around the attraction, in the form of protective nets, guarantee safe use of this element.

Vertical Maze

This vertical maze consists of 4 floors. The user has to find the best way to climb to the top of the attraction and, most importantly, to get off it as well. Choosing the wrong way can contribute to starting the passage of the maze all over again. Vertical Maze guarantees great fun for any age group.

Rope Climber

Long ropes suspended at a height of several meters are a great way to test physical fitness above all hand fitness. Rope Climber is great fun for users who have no fear of heights. Rope Climber is an element that can be used over Vertical Maze, and can also serve as a link between two different attractions.

Ninja Tag Design

Our company Global Fun Sports offers original Ninja Tag designs in accordance with investor preferences and safety requirements. A huge palette of designs and colors provides unique realizations that can be found all over the world. If you are a wannabe, upgrading your trampoline park or opening a modern Ninja Tag in your city, choose the help of a professional trampoline park manufacturer. We offer a full package of services, starting from consulting and design to production, transportation and installation. If you don't feel up to starting the whole investment yourself - we are at your service.


Want to upgrade your trampoline park with Ninja Tag?


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