How to open a trampoline park?
- 8 reliable steps

Why invest in a trampoline park?

Opening a business in the entertainment industry can seem very complicated. That's why we decided to create a short and to the point guide that explains how to open your own trampoline park in just a few steps.

It's not difficult to notice the development of trampoline parks and entertainment centers over the last few years. Every year, more modern and technologically advanced indoor spaces are being built for entertainment.

A trampoline park combines great fun and the opportunity to spend active time among family, peers, and friends. This is one of the many reasons why these places are so popular. What else makes it so profitable to open a trampoline park?

  • there are no age limits - both children and adults can become park users
  • variety of attractions and a wide range of possibilities to adjust the equipment to the users
  • high safety of each park's client due to new, stricter regulations
  • the possibility of expanding the offer with a catering area, a hall for the youngest, souvenirs and accessories, organization of special events
  • the unique design of the park and its comprehensive installation will be done by a professional manufacturer of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks GFS
  • spending time in a trampoline park allows not only active relaxation but also building beautiful memories with your loved ones
  • parents appreciate any form of entertainment for their children that includes active time spending

People who are interested in their health are well aware of the benefits of jumping on trampolines. We have described this topic in detail in another post, to which we cordially invite you.

Global Fun Sports supports its clients in every phase of the investment realization. We provide assistance at the stage of design and installation, as well as after the opening of the trampoline park. We provide care of Personal Assistant, who will not only help to choose the right location for the park, give advice on the equipment, but will also assist in completing documents and obtaining financing. Find out why else it is worth cooperating with GFS in the tab: Why us?

1. Identification of target market

The future owner of a trampoline park is faced with many different questions. Many of these will relate to future customers, a thorough understanding of which is essential to the success of the business. Customer segmentation will allow you to cater to each target group.

  • Who will my customers be?
  • What do they do?
  • What do they like and expect?
  • How to reach them?

All these questions need to be carefully analyzed and a subject of deep thought. They will help you estimate your revenues, not only from park entries, but also from ancillary services (special events, accessory sales, etc.). In this way, you can assess the profits and profitability of the business. Since the investment in a trampoline park is not the smallest one, you should expect a return on investment after several months.

2. Competitive research

Once you've analyzed your target audience, estimated revenue and profit, it's time to learn about your competition. It will be useful to answer the questions:

  • Who is my competition?
  • How does it do business?
  • What are their offers and prices?

Answering these questions will help you find a way to stand out from the competition. A trampoline park should be original, precisely tailored to the target audience. It is worth spending time considering a unique offer. The entry price should depend on the attractiveness of the services offered, the target group, location and current costs.

3. Solid foundations

Before designing and building a trampoline park, you need to take care of 3 key aspects:

  • Find an ideal location: visible, high traffic, with parking, far from similar entertainment outlets.
  • Choose the right trampoline park manufacturer - in this matter, do not hesitate to contact Global Fun Sports.
  • Familiarize yourself with the future work. If even the tourism and entertainment industry is completely unknown to the investor, he should not neglect training and courses.

4. Start-up and operating costs

To avoid throwing yourself in at the deep end, you need to analyze and familiarize yourself with all future costs. These will be essential in preparing your business plan.

Start-up costs will include the purchase of equipment and its installation, site preparation and other items necessary before opening a trampoline park. Operating costs will include rent, insurance, marketing and communications, employee salaries, and park maintenance.

5. Business Plan

It is impossible to plan everything, this is obvious. But in this business, meticulousness and a perfect plan are mandatory (e.g. to avoid unpleasant surprises).

A well-developed business plan not only helps you to organise your information and ideas, but also helps you to carry out strictly defined activities without deviating from your course. Not having a plan is the road to entrepreneurial failure.

Presenting a business plan is important when applying for financial assistance for investment. It should also contain good arguments that will convince future cooperation partners.

6. Marketing

Planning your marketing efforts even before the trampoline park opens will be an effective way to gain the trust of potential customers. It is worth taking advantage of social media promotion, influencer outreach, and industry events. Creating profiles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and communicating through them are great for marketing purposes these days.

You should opt for marketing channels that will be suitable for the trampoline park. It is advisable to appear on review sites and preferably have your own website.

The use of materials such as flyers, posters and banners will help in promoting the business locally.

We have detailed an effective marketing plan for a trampoline park in another article. We invite you to read it.

7. Legal Requirements

Starting a business comes with many legal obligations. It is no different in case of opening a trampoline park. GFS specialists are prepared for any eventuality and will help you with all the official and legal issues such as:

  • company name registration,
  • tax registration,
  • obtaining necessary permits,
  • making sure that the building and equipment meet current standards and regulations.

8. Start of operations

The opening day of a trampoline park is fast approaching. On our blog you will find information and tips for park owners, among other things we cover the topic of how to attract customers in a trampoline park. Implementation of all this investment is not the easiest and requires a lot of work. That is why cooperation with Global Fun Sports, a company with many years of experience, whose realizations can be seen all over the world, will be an excellent choice. GFS works comprehensively - design, installation, service, support at every stage of implementation.

Everything you need to open profitable, unique trampoline park is right here - in Global Fun Sports offer.


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