The most interesting attractions in the trampoline park - part II 

Due to the increasing need for family time, more and more people are looking for ways to have active fun. With an emphasis on health and wellness, many are choosing to visit trampoline parks. There is a reason why the entertainment industry has grown at such a rapid pace between 2016 and 2021. Without hesitation, it can be said that it is one of the most profitable businesses and an opportunity for the entertainment industry. It is estimated that there are more than 300 different parks opening around the world every month, starting from trampoline parks to water parks.

Any investment in a trampoline park is a source of huge profits. However, it is important to take into account that revenue from ticket sales is not everything. The factor on which the income of a trampoline park largely depends is its attractions. If they are properly chosen, they can gather people from the whole city, but also tourists.

See what attractions will make your trampoline park visited by all age groups.

Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag is a real test for physical fitness. The multi-level arena produced by GFS will successfully suit teenagers as well as adults. The creative mix of various obstacle courses, tube slides with sound effects and ultra-modern lighting makes it the perfect attraction to compete with friends. The fun of Ninja Tag revolves around creating the right strategy for players and then going through each zone at a fast pace.

Each player has a special wristband that controls the amount of points earned. Each activity requires a combination of physical and mental activity.

Mega Blocks

Kids love building, rearranging and stacking play structures. Mega Blocks will give each child what is most important - unforgettable fun.

Intense colors of huge blocks will encourage every child to play and, what is most important, they are a great alternative to trampolines, which not every child can use. Mega Blocks are an attraction designed for the youngest children and do not pose any threat to them. It is a beloved pastime of parents due to the fact that the large size of the blocks is impossible for children to swallow, so the caregivers can watch their play with peace of mind. Global Fun Sports offers safe products to enhance any entertainment center.

Play Panels

In addition to the many physical activities, indoor playrooms feature a variety of wall games that will not only serve as fun, but also as learning activities. Creative thinking and cognitive development is one of the biggest benefits of this attraction.

Putting together puzzles and fitting the pieces properly is an interesting solution for any trampoline park. Due to the fact that they do not take up too much space, they will also work well in shopping malls and kindergartens. Play Panels can be installed on the wall but also inside each attraction.

Play Structure

No trampoline park can survive without Play Structure. These huge play structures are the highlight of any amusement center park. It can be used by slightly older children due to the fact that it is a very demanding attraction.

This multi-level attraction, is able to meet the requirements of any child! Thanks to the fact that a lighting system can be installed in it. If you want to see how Play Structure looks like with lighting, check out our implementation in Dubai VR PARK.

What can you combine Play Structure with?

  • Adventure Rope Course
  • Tubes
  • Slides
  • Ball Pool

Toddler Softplay

The Toddler Softplay attraction is an enclosed area with many attractions such as, Mega Blocks, Ball Pool and Slides. Because it is mostly used by children up to the age of 4, all equipment is encased in special foam that does not pose any danger to them. Toddler Softplay is built in such a way as to encourage the youngest trampoline park users to have fun.

Why was there a zone for the youngest?

Playing together, older and younger children, is prone to failure. Older children may accidentally knock over the younger ones, which may cause fatal consequences. Therefore, separating different age groups from each other will allow them to develop on properly selected equipment.


Dark, secret passageways are the best part of any trampoline park. Sliding down from a great height is a favorite pastime of not only children, but also adults. Tubes will stimulate imagination and activate creative thinking. Thanks to their modular design, you can create any configuration with their help.

Global Fun Sports offers tube slides in different color versions. They work great in combination with other attractions, such as Play Structure.

About the attraction:

The attraction can be combined with other structures;
The modular construction allows you to create a tunnel of your own design;
Guaranteed fast descent;

Sports Arena

Sport Arena is the second best attraction most often chosen by children, and especially boys. A roofed playground with a professional surface and sports accessories will attract the attention of every trampoline park visitor. The sports arena may be equipped with baskets and goals. It all depends on what game you want to use the field for.

The attraction can be free-standing or integrated with other play structures. Installed nets around the Arena, ensure the safety of every child.

About the attraction:

  • Ability to choose a specific playground;
  • Available in different designs;
  • Ideal meeting place during a birthday party;

Adventure Rope Course

Adventure Rope Course is a challenging attraction that requires concentration in addition to physical strength. Because it is an attraction for the youngest, it has safety features that will protect your child from falling.

Global Fun Sports has prepared a number of decorative options that will give the attraction a character. The ability to integrate the Adventure Rope Course with Slides or Mega Blocks gives you even more options!

About the attraction:

  • Choice of theme: tropics, pirates, jungle, farm;
  • The design adapts to the given space;
  • The attraction is suitable for children and adults;
  • Complement the attraction with other pieces of equipment;



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